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Classmates from Lenny Wakefield to Renee Wakefield
Lenny Wakefield Leo Wakefield Leola Wakefield Leon Wakefield Leonard Wakefield Leroy Wakefield Les Wakefield Lesley Wakefield Leslie Wakefield Lester Wakefield Leta Wakefield Lewis Wakefield Liane Wakefield Lillian Wakefield Lillie Wakefield Linda Wakefield Lindsay Wakefield Lindsey Wakefield Linwood Wakefield Lisa Wakefield Liz Wakefield Lloyd Wakefield Logan Wakefield Lois Wakefield London Wakefield Lonnie Wakefield Lora Wakefield Loreal Wakefield Lorelei Wakefield Loren Wakefield Lorenzo Wakefield Loretta Wakefield Lori Wakefield Lorie Wakefield Lorna Wakefield Lorraine Wakefield Lou Wakefield Louis Wakefield Louise Wakefield Lowell Wakefield Loyd Wakefield Lucas Wakefield Lucille Wakefield Lucy Wakefield Luke Wakefield Luther Wakefield Lydia Wakefield Lyle Wakefield Lynda Wakefield Lynell Wakefield Lynette Wakefield Lynn Wakefield Lynne Wakefield Lynnette Wakefield Lysbeth Wakefield Mac Wakefield Maceola Wakefield Makurra Wakefield Malcolm Wakefield Malinda Wakefield Mallory Wakefield Malorie Wakefield Mamie Wakefield Mandi Wakefield Mandy Wakefield Marc Wakefield Marcella Wakefield Marcia Wakefield Marcus Wakefield Marcy Wakefield Mare Wakefield Margaret Wakefield Margarita Wakefield Margery Wakefield Margie Wakefield Margo Wakefield Marguerite Wakefield Maria Wakefield Mariah Wakefield Marian Wakefield Marianne Wakefield Marie Wakefield Marilyn Wakefield Marion Wakefield Marisa Wakefield Marjorie Wakefield Mark Wakefield Markita Wakefield Marla Wakefield Marlene Wakefield Marlon Wakefield Marsha Wakefield Marshall Wakefield Martha Wakefield Martin Wakefield Marty Wakefield Marvin Wakefield Mary Wakefield Mary Ann Wakefield Maryann Wakefield Mathew Wakefield Matt Wakefield Matthew Wakefield Maureen Wakefield Maurice Wakefield Mavis Wakefield Max Wakefield Maxine Wakefield Meagan Wakefield Meg Wakefield Megan Wakefield Meghan Wakefield Mel Wakefield Melanie Wakefield Melinda Wakefield Melissa Wakefield Melody Wakefield Melvin Wakefield Melvin Brent Wakefield Meredith Wakefield Merle Wakefield Merri Wakefield Mia Wakefield Micah Wakefield Michael Wakefield Micheal Wakefield Michele Wakefield Michelle Wakefield Mickey Wakefield Mike Wakefield Mildred Wakefield Miles Wakefield Milton Wakefield Mindy Wakefield Minor Wakefield Miranda Wakefield Mironda Wakefield Missie Wakefield Misty Wakefield Mitchell Wakefield Modesta Wakefield Molly Wakefield Monica Wakefield Monique Wakefield Monte Wakefield Morgan Wakefield Morris Wakefield Morton Wakefield Myrna Wakefield Myron Wakefield Myrtle Wakefield Mystery Wakefield Nadine Wakefield Nakya Wakefield Nan Wakefield Nancy Wakefield Nanette Wakefield Naomi Wakefield Napoleon Wakefield Natalie Wakefield Natasha Wakefield Nate Wakefield Nathan Wakefield Nathaniel Wakefield Neal Wakefield Nedra Wakefield Neil Wakefield Nellie Wakefield Nelson Wakefield Neshyra Wakefield Nicholas Wakefield Nichole Wakefield Nicholle Wakefield Nick Wakefield Nicole Wakefield Nigel Wakefield Niki Wakefield Nikki Wakefield Nina Wakefield Nita Wakefield Niyah Wakefield Noah Wakefield Noelle Wakefield Nora Wakefield Norma Wakefield Norman Wakefield Olivia Wakefield Olune Wakefield Opal Wakefield Orin Wakefield Ouida Wakefield Owen Wakefield Paige Wakefield Pam Wakefield Pamela Wakefield Pat Wakefield Patricia Wakefield Patrick Wakefield Patsy Wakefield Patti Wakefield Patty Wakefield Paul Wakefield Paula Wakefield Pauline Wakefield Pearl Wakefield Peggy Wakefield Peggysue Wakefield Penny Wakefield Perry Wakefield Peter Wakefield Phil Wakefield Philip Wakefield Phillip Wakefield Phyllis Wakefield Pranee Wakefield Preston Wakefield Priscilla Wakefield Quinton Wakefield Rachael Wakefield Rachel Wakefield Rachelle Wakefield Racquel Wakefield Raejean Wakefield Rafael Wakefield Raichelle Wakefield Ralph Wakefield Ramona Wakefield Randal Wakefield Randall Wakefield Randell Wakefield Randi Wakefield Randolph Wakefield Randy Wakefield Ranell Wakefield Ranesha Wakefield Raphael Wakefield Raquel Wakefield Rashid Wakefield Ray Wakefield Raymond Wakefield Reba Wakefield Rebecca Wakefield Rebekah Wakefield Reggie Wakefield Regina Wakefield Reginald Wakefield Reid Wakefield Remona Wakefield Rene Wakefield Renee Wakefield